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Relative Mouse Offset

Relative Mouse Offset
By default, during users’ streaming sessions, AppStream 2.0 transmits information about mouse movements to the streaming instance by using absolute coordinates and rendering the mouse movements locally. For graphics-intensive applications, such as computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software or video games, mouse performance improves when relative mouse mode is enabled. Relative mouse mode uses relative coordinates, which represent how far the mouse moved since the last frame, rather than the absolute x-y coordinate values within a window or screen. When relative mouse mode is enabled, AppStream 2.0 renders the mouse movements remotely.

Users can enable this feature during their AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions by doing either of the following:

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+F8

Choosing Relative Mouse Position [Ctrl+Shift+F8] from the Settings menu on the AppStream 2.0 toolbar in the top left area of their streaming session window. This method works when they use classic mode or Desktop View.
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