Install Terraform on a Mac,

To install Terraform on a Mac, you can follow these steps:

Option 1

Use Brew

brew tap hashicorp/tap
brew install hashicorp/tap/terraform

Option 2

Download the Terraform package: Go to the Terraform downloads page at and download the package for your Mac. You can choose between a 32-bit or 64-bit version.

Unzip the package: Once you download the package, unzip it to a directory of your choice. You can use the following command in the terminal:


Replace with the version number of the package you downloaded.

Move the binary to a directory in your PATH: Once you unzip the package, move the Terraform binary to a directory in your PATH. You can use the following command in the terminal:

sudo mv terraform /usr/local/bin/

This will move the binary to the /usr/local/bin directory, which is usually included in the PATH environment variable.

Verify the installation: To verify that Terraform is installed correctly, open a new terminal window and run the following command:

terraform version

This should display the version number of the Terraform binary you installed.

That’s it! You have now installed Terraform on your Mac and are ready to use it to manage your infrastructure.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Artifact on-demand access to third-party compliance reports is now generally available

The AWS Artifact Reports page now offers on-demand access to security compliance reports of third-party software vendors who sell their products through AWS Marketplace. AWS customers can download and review the reports shared by the ISV to accelerate their procurement cycle. The reports are only accessible to customers who have been granted access to AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights for a specific ISV. The reports are available in all commercial AWS Regions where AWS Artifact is available. To get started, customers can refer to the AWS Artifact console, Third-Party reports FAQ section, API Documentation, CloudTrail Integration, and AWS Artifact Forum.

AWS Artifact is a web-based tool from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides on-demand access to compliance reports, security and privacy audit documents, and other agreements related to AWS services and products. AWS Artifact makes it easy for customers to download these documents and manage their compliance obligations. It also helps customers understand the compliance status of their AWS environment.

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When Searching Amazon Athena for Service events

Here is a quick query when you are looking for events in CloudTrail. First, export to Athena.
Then create a query that references the table: Now you are ready for some SQL

In the example below I am getting entries from “TableName” and the service is Amazon WorkSpaces. That has a source of

FROM TableName
WHERE eventsource = '' 
ORDER by eventtime
LIMIT 100;
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How to find instances available in the AWS LAX Local Zone

I recently needed to create a custom xml file to configure the instance types available in the LAX local zone for a Citrix Virtual Apps Deployment. In AWS parlance, you are looking to “Find an Instance type using the AWS CLI” This is what the command looks like for the LAX 1a local zone:

aws ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings --location-type "availability-zone" --filters Name=location,Values=us-west-2-lax-1a --region us-west-2

If you are looking in LAX 1b:

aws ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings --location-type "availability-zone" --filters Name=location,Values=us-west-2-lax-1b --region us-west-2

Example output from the LAX 1a local zone
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Chromebook Shortcut to Display Settings

Do you ever move your Chromebook place to place with a variety of display / monitor arrangements? I do. So I wanted a shortcut to the Display settings.


This probably won’t work in your browser as a link from this page. Just copy this link and paste it into your browser or create a bookmarks bar shortcut.

I leave the Name blank so there will be just a gear icon with no text in the bookmarks bar.

You can also use:


Whatever is faster or easier for you.

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