Azure Resource Access

The beginning of my adventures in automating Azure resources:

Role-Based Access Control in the Azure portal | Microsoft Docs
Actions and NotActions - Azure role-based access control (RBAC) | Microsoft Docs
View Azure resource access assignments | Microsoft Docs

Other reference links:

Windows and Citrix Life Cycle Links

Adventures installing an Octoblu Endo

Install Yarn, to get node.js npm etc.
Make sure git is updated.
npm Install generator-endo, and endo-doctor
npm install localtunnel

Creating an Endo

Install yo and the generator

npm install -g yo generator-endo
Create a new project and run the generator

Note that the project directory name must start with endo-

mkdir endo-github
cd endo-github
yo endo
Setting up the Oauth Device with Octoblu

Kylie's Chess coach at WWDC2017

One of the things I love about chess is following the awesome careers of the people I meet. One of Kylie's Chess coaches left his Gilbert (Phoenix metro) chess club to go to school at the University Of Arizona in Tuscon. Then after juggling his academic career and coaching both in PHX and TUC, he went to work at Apple. This year he gave the "Writing Energy Efficient Apps" talk at WWDC 2017. Not only has Kylie taken some lessons from him, he also coached many of the coaches that took up the mantle recently here in Phoenix.

@ratokeshi at Guardians of the Galaxy event with @citrix @datrium and Thin Client Computing

Citrix Masters Retreat Prep

I am so excited for this weekend.


Desktop Delivery: 

My First Pull request committed on GIT and it was for XenServer and Octoblu!

I am super excited to have submitted a pull request on Github last night. and for James Bulpin (what a guy!) actually was kind enough to commit it! Wow!

Virtualization Servers and Hosts: 

See it in action: Digital workspace demos!

I will be at this event in Phoenix, register so we can hang out!
Event invite:

Take a behind the scenes look at how digital workspaces are redefining work in today’s modern world. Through an exciting array of demos, learn about key use cases and the technology services that enable secure app and data delivery on any device, any network and any cloud.

Demos you will see:
• BYO road warriors using applications seamlessly across networks and devices
• Ultra-mobility using the latest mobile devices from tablets to smartphones
• Security from the datacenter to multiple device types
• And many more!

Forget the slide deck: this seminar is strictly demo-driven, designed to immerse you in real-world applications of Citrix solutions. You’ll see all the latest products and learn how they integrate from end to end, securely and seamlessly.
Date: October 25, 2016
Time: 11:30 AM – 02:00 PM PDT
Westin Kierland Resort and Spa
6902 E Greenway Parkway
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Citrix XenApp: 
Virtualization Servers and Hosts: 
Application Networking: 
Desktop Delivery: 

SDN Strategy: Put Applications First | Network Computing

In order to deploy SDN successfully, organizations need to focus on applications.......

VDI vs. DaaS: What is the difference, and which is best for your business' virtualization needs? - TechRepublic

Desktop virtualization is nothing new, but now you have two popular forms to choose from: VDI and DaaS. There are distinct differences between them, and knowing what's what is important if you're looking to invest.......


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