To successfully deploy the Amazon WorkSpaces service, you need to ensure these key elements are in place:

  • WorkSpaces Client Application: This is a device supported by Amazon WorkSpaces. For guidelines on how to get started with your WorkSpace, refer to the relevant resources.Use of PCoIP Zero Clients is also permitted to connect to WorkSpaces. A comprehensive list of compatible devices can be found in the PCoIP Zero Clients for Amazon WorkSpaces section.User Authentication and Workspace Access Directory Service: Currently, Amazon WorkSpaces can operate with AWS Directory Service and Microsoft AD. To synchronize your existing enterprise user credentials with Amazon WorkSpaces, you can integrate your local AD server with the AWS Directory Service.Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC): This is the environment where your Amazon WorkSpaces will operate. It is important to note that a minimum of two subnets is required for Amazon WorkSpaces deployment, as every AWS Directory Service setup necessitates two subnets in a multi-AZ deployment.

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