Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Enable AppStream 2.0 Usage Reports

  • To receive usage reports for AppStream 2.0, you can subscribe to them via the AppStream 2.0 console, AWS CLI or CreateUsageReportSubscription API operation. You need to enable usage reports separately for each AWS Region you want to receive data from. Usage reports are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket and there is no charge for subscribing, but standard Amazon S3 charges may apply. There are two types of reports: AppStream 2.0 Sessions Reports and AppStream 2.0 Applications Reports. Sessions reports are generated daily and include information about each user session. Applications reports are generated daily and include information about each application launch during a session. Reports are stored in a nested folder structure in your Amazon S3 account and can be analyzed using Amazon Athena.
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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Artifact on-demand access to third-party compliance reports is now generally available

The AWS Artifact Reports page now offers on-demand access to security compliance reports of third-party software vendors who sell their products through AWS Marketplace. AWS customers can download and review the reports shared by the ISV to accelerate their procurement cycle. The reports are only accessible to customers who have been granted access to AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights for a specific ISV. The reports are available in all commercial AWS Regions where AWS Artifact is available. To get started, customers can refer to the AWS Artifact console, Third-Party reports FAQ section, API Documentation, CloudTrail Integration, and AWS Artifact Forum.

AWS Artifact is a web-based tool from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides on-demand access to compliance reports, security and privacy audit documents, and other agreements related to AWS services and products. AWS Artifact makes it easy for customers to download these documents and manage their compliance obligations. It also helps customers understand the compliance status of their AWS environment.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)Cloud

Relative Mouse Offset

Relative Mouse Offset default, during users' streaming sessions, AppStream 2.0 transmits information about mouse movements to the streaming instance by using absolute coordinates and rendering
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