Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Use bash script to enable AWS Local Zones

To enable Local Zones using bash, you can use the AWS CLI and write a bash script to automate the process. Here’s an example of how you can enable Local Zones using bash:


# Set the AWS CLI region
aws configure set default.region us-west-2

# Get a list of Local Zones in the region
local_zones=$(aws ec2 describe-local-zones --output-text)

# Enable LAX Local Zones
aws ec2 modify-availability-zone-group \
  --region us-west-2 \
  --group-name us-west-2-lax-1 \
  --opt-in-status opted-in

# Confirm that the Local Zones have been enabled
enabled_local_zones=$(aws ec2 describe-availability-zone-group-configs --zone-group-name "group_name" --query 'AvailabilityZoneGroups[].Platforms[].Value' --output text)
echo "Enabled Local Zones: $enabled_local_zones"

In this example, replace “group_name” with the name of your availability zone group. This bash script will loop through all the Local Zones in the region, enable each one, and then display a list of all the enabled Local Zones. You can run this script on a server or your local machine to automate the process of enabling Local Zones.

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