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Active Directory Group Membership Based AppStream 2.0 Application Targeting

This tutorial explains how to target applications in Amazon AppStream 2.0 to end users based on their Active Directory group membership. The tutorial assumes that the customer has an existing Microsoft Active Directory forest and an AppStream 2.0 Image Builder joined to the Microsoft Active Directory. The customer needs to have dynamic link libraries (DLLs) created before proceeding with the steps. The tutorial walks through the process of enabling the dynamic application provider on an AppStream 2.0 Image Builder, implementing a PowerShell script, creating a CSV file containing the required application information, and optionally configuring the solution to host the CSV file in Amazon S3 or use an Amazon DynamoDB table for storing application information. The solution uses the dynamic app provider in AppStream 2.0 and the PowerShell script to dynamically add applications to the AppStream 2.0 catalog based on the end user’s Active Directory group membership.

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