Bash Shell Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyxl page keeps dropping for me so I am cross posting this handy list here:

Bash Shell Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + AGo to the beginning of the line you are currently typing on
Ctrl + EGo to the end of the line you are currently typing on
Ctrl + LClears the Screen, similar to the clear command
Ctrl + UClears the line before the cursor position. If you are at the end of the line, clears the entire line.
Ctrl + HSame as backspace
Ctrl + RLet’s you search through previously used commands
Ctrl + CKill whatever you are running
Ctrl + DExit the current shell
Ctrl + ZPuts whatever you are running into a suspended background process. fg restores it.
Ctrl + WDelete the word before the cursor
Ctrl + KClear the line after the cursor
Ctrl + TSwap the last two characters before the cursor
Esc + TSwap the last two words before the cursor
Alt + FMove cursor forward one word on the current line
Alt + BMove cursor backward one word on the current line
TabAuto-complete files and folder names
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On a quest: Learn GKE security and monitoring best practices

Whether you’re running Kubernetes yourself, using our Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)managed service, or using Anthos, you need visibility into your environment, and you need to know how to secure it. To help you on your way, there are two new educational resources to teach you application observability and security best practices for using Kubernetes at scale.

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CitrixCitrix CloudVirtual Apps and Desktops

Make Light Version the Default Workspace

Did you know you can make the light version of the Citrix Workspace App a.k.a. HTML5 the default and only client option in Citrix Cloud?

Check out the documentation here:

First, go to your admin page and go to the Hamburger (three line) menu icon:

Then Select Workspace configuration:

Under Workspace Configuration Select Customize and then select Preferences.

Now you can select how users will connect.  The selections look like this:

You can select:

  1. In a browser
  2. In a Native App
  3. Let the Users Choose

The “In a browser” option matches up to the “light version” option on the Citrix Workspace (app that was formerly known as Receiver) interface.  Historically this was the HTML5 option.

Now users will either choose for themselves or you as the administrator can force HTML5, or the full Workspace App.

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