Amazon Web Services (AWS)

How do I migrate an Amazon WorkSpaces instance using the AWS CLI?

You can migrate an Amazon WorkSpaces instance from one directory to another using the modify-workspace-properties command in the AWS CLI. Here’s an example bash script that demonstrates the process:


# Set the AWS region

# The ID of the Workspace to migrate

# The ID of the target directory

# Migrate the Workspace to the target directory
aws workspaces modify-workspace-properties \
    --region $REGION \
    --workspace-id $WORKSPACE_ID \
    --directory-id $TARGET_DIRECTORY_ID

In this example, you would replace ws-xxxxxxxx with the ID of the Amazon WorkSpaces instance you want to migrate, and replace d-xxxxxxxxxx with the ID of the target directory. The modify-workspace-properties command will then migrate the specified Workspace to the target directory.

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