Here’s an example of a bash script that uses the AWS CLI to describe Amazon WorkSpaces instances:

# Define the AWS region to use
# Use the AWS CLI to describe the Amazon Workspaces instances
INSTANCES=$(aws workspaces describe-workspaces --region $REGION)
# Print the information for each instance
echo "Information for all Amazon Workspaces instances:"
echo $INSTANCES | jq -r '.Workspaces[] | "\(.DirectoryId) \(.UserName) \(.WorkspaceId) \(.State)"'

In this example, the script uses the aws workspaces describe-workspaces command to get information about all Amazon WorkSpaces instances in the specified region (us-west-2 in this case). The output of the command is stored in the INSTANCES variable. The script then uses the jq command to parse the JSON output and print the DirectoryId, UserName, WorkspaceId, and State of each instance.

You’ll need to have the AWS CLI and jq installed on your system to run this script.

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